T- this isn’t a Christmas gift or anything! I just happened to have it ready! Baka.

10 Responses to “‘Tis the season to be loli! Honoka Lv. Up! 3”

  1. saru says:

    It’s n-not like I wanted to r-read it or anything!

  2. Sasura says:

    … Well thanks ^^
    Hope everybody had a happy christmas ~ As for myself, Xmas starts now with the mass releases of scans being done *-*

  3. Andreas says:

    I-its not like i want to say thank you for scanlating the manga! dont misunderstand!

  4. x4gottenx says:

    *cant stop lmao* anyways thx for the chapter, though the manga is jus mainly rly cute and funny so idk where the tsundere is comming from XD

  5. Izuna says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Bah where’s the loli? I was hoping for more Rotte ;_;

    • saru says:

      What, Honoka’s too old?

      Rotte’s being edited. I’ll let you know when it’s done with a post on the front page. :3

      • Anonymous says:

        Of course Honoka is too old, when I think loli, I think little girl not adolescent girl ;_;
        And don’t worry on Rotte, it’s best to do it slowly and well than rushing it and making a terrible work.

        • saru says:

          Rotte’s actually done, as is Ore no Imouto, but I’m out of town due to a work-related emergency, and we’re waiting on a QC from Kirino, who is traveling east-Asian countries right now. I’ll be home tomorrow and can probably do QC edits the day after, and Kirino should be able to do the QC sometime soon too, so hopefully not too much more waiting.

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