Art by Haga Yui

jii-jii: Effie: “So far as I can recall, my sister’s were bigger than mine…”
jii-jii: Asuha: “Dad… you were just imagining that, weren’t you?”
saru: i was just imagining that.
saru: how could…
saru: effie’s are already as big as her head
saru: each.
saru: o_O

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  1. Jii-Jii says:

    For those that had no idea (like me):
    “spats” means “spandex pants”.

  2. Master7Zero says:

    man been waiting for this, not liking that the anime is releasing this faster than the manga,,, is the manga itself ahead and FPS is just slowly translating them or are you translating them right when they are released?

    • Rem says:

      The anime is ahead because the story is basically a condensed version. They’ve skipped several characters, gags and even plot points for a 12 episode run.

      I’m not even going to humour the second question.

      • Silence says:

        The answer is they are slow. But beggars can’t be choosers, eh?

      • Master7Zero says:

        didnt mean it in a bad way, i just didnt know where the manga itself was and how far along you guys were at translating it.

        thanks again for the release..

        i kinda am hoping the mom and dad kinda get together, seems more of a better fit, and seems like there is still something their between them.

    • Zenia says:

      The manga is really ahead. I think Volume 6 came out recently or will soon, but I only have the raws up to Volume 5. Just being slow but keep up the good work. I’m just glad someone is doing it since it’s better than the anime imo.

  3. imaliar says:

    “That was delicious, but… Effie-san, can’t you produce cold milk?” <-Stuff like this is why Asuha is so awesome!

  4. Longhaul says:

    Out of curiosity isnt Lukka’s race translated as dwarf, what made you guys go with gnome?

    I ask because in one of the newer chapters there is a guy who very much fits the description of a dwarf.

    • Rem says:

      Ah, good eye. Yeah, referring back to old names and the names of races can be a pain, but naming the newer ones is more so.

      You see, the names of races are given to us in Japanese, as well as Icelandic, or something similar. I’m not sure why Jii-jii is calling them ‘gnomes’, but we’ll review it later on.

      Where are you getting this translation from, by the way? Did we translate it as ‘dwarf’ before?

      • Longhaul says:

        No, I think you guys have used gnome the whole time. I meant having looked through the raws and having seen the word Dvergur(dwarf) used. It was also used on the character ‘rpg stat’ pages that are at the end of each volume.

        I didnt write it very clearly but the dwarfish guy was from chapter 42/43.

        • Rem says:

          Ah, it must be one of the stat pages we haven’t done yet. Otherwise I would have spotted that.

          Thanks, we’ll review that for the batch.

          • Jii-Jii says:

            I saw Lukka’s race listed as “dvergur”. I ran that through Google Translate and what came up was “gnome”. Simple as that.

            • Longhaul says:

              Now that you say that I see that google translate uses dverger for dwarf.

              This got me interested in the meaning of the words and looking it up, gnome is kind of a catchall term that can refer to dwarfs and goblins.

  5. Geese1 says:

    Many thanks for the new chapter!

  6. luckyo says:

    Last frame was truly epic.

    CHU CHU.

  7. shark0week0 says:

    This will probably sound like annoying nit-picking, but on page 4, you use the word “anti-social” instead of “unpersonable” to describe Rotte’s behavior. You’d probably have an army of psychiatrists knocking at your door with pitchforks if they knew about that. “Anti-social” in fact means “tending towards doing something averse to society, as in committing a crime.” So, unless it was your intention to portray Rotte as a criminal-in-the-making (which I hope it wasn’t) and not simply a naive mistake, I wrote this tl;dr. Thanks for the release!

    • Kirino says:

      You’re thinking of psychopathy, or the inability to form human connections and a lack of empathy. As we are using it, anti-social simply means “adverse toward the society of others”. We are not referring to the second meaning.

      • shark0week0 says:

        Shamelessly stolen from wikipedia’s page on antisocial behavior: “In common English vernacular; anti-social is often used to describe those perceived to be excessively introverted, an incorrect though increasingly common usage. The correct term for an introverted person who is “not social” would be asocial; asocial means “avoidance of society” while antisocial means ‘hostile toward society’. ” This was also the first thing my psych professor went over in my PSYCH 100 class, so I’d hate to think he was giving out wrong information at such a basic level.

        • Kirino says:

          Oh god, English vernacular is incorrect! Well, deal with it. We use English vernacular.

          • shark0week0 says:

            By that logic, you’d also be spelling “all right” as “alright,” which you clearly don’t. But I see this is going nowhere, so I’ll stop. Just figured it was in your interest, considering you call yourselves a “quality scan group.”

            • saru says:

              That’s some pretty poor logic, there. Squashing words together is entirely different from using a prefix.

              We strive to make our translations as readable as possible by the average person. I’m not claiming we’re perfect, but that’s our goal. To the average person, “unsociable” is a rarely heard word, and thus breaks the flow of the dialogue. Anti-social (or the variant spelling, antisocial), is what’s commonly used for someone who is not a very sociable person. Whether that disagrees with specific terminology from a particular field of science is a moot point.

              I understand your point, but you need to understand that just because you took a psychology course and learned terminology specific to the field does not mean that the average person is familiar with, nor cares about the distinction between the scientific and vernacular terms.

              For the record, you probably could have avoided any conflict by wording your comment more like “I find the use of the word ‘antisocial’ in this chapter confusing and in conflict with my understanding of the term as it is used in the field of psychology.” Instead, you chose to word your comment in a way that portrayed us as uneducated and ignorant. Which, of course, we took offense to. Especially because we’re not unfamiliar with psychology (you’re not the only person in the world who has taken a psychology course).

    • saru says:


      1. of or relating to society or its organization
        • of or relating to rank and status in society
        • needing companionship and therefore best suited to living in communities
        • relating to or designed for activities in which people meet each other for pleasure

      opposed to; against

      • preventing or suppressing
      • reversing or undoing
      • the opposite of
      • Physics the opposite state of matter or of a specified particle
      • acting as a rival
      • unlike the conventional form

      You taking psychology courses doesn’t suddenly mean everyone in the world should use the terminology used by psychologists.

  8. Anonymous says:

    In case you guys didn’t notice yet, Vol6 raws are out.
    Just helping out.

  9. blank says:

    Ah, Helga’s first appearance!

  10. Matheus says:

    Ohh thanks!!

  11. LSD says:

    thanks for the chapter, you are slow but the translations are ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆.
    keep the good work

  12. PB Curious says:

    I’ve been following the anime and now I want to read the scanlated manga of Rotte no Omocha. I appreciate your hard work.

    I’m a bit frustrated that I can’t seem to find Vol 1 – Chap 1-7, Vol 2 – Chap 8 (Group DBR) and Vol 2 – Chap 9 (Group Baka-Neko) {as per Baka-Updates Manga} because those groups are now inactive and the sites are gone.

    If you have the prior chapters, would it be possible for you to post them here or perhaps point me to where I can find them?

    • Kirino says:

      You should attempt navigating the site. They’re right there under projects.


      • PB Curious says:

        Thank you.

        I see now where I missed this.

        I clicked on the search link which selects all of the ‘rotte’ posts. I assumed {based on my experiences with other groups} that the posts had all the links. It didn’t occur to me that I should check under ‘projects’ as well. Definitely my goof. 😀

        I’m finding I’m liking both the manga and the anime for entirely different reasons. I really do appreciate your making the translations available.

        Thanks again.

  13. Anony says:

    So it’s been more than a month already…when’s the next chapter?

    • saru says:

      When it’s finished.

      I got a new computer and it took time moving everything over to it, and then was out of state for a week, and then I was super-busy with work when I got back.

      It’s coming, though.

  14. Andreas says:


  15. Andreas says:

    *GULP* suddenly got an urge for milk

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