Art by Takamichi

Just got Yuru Yuru by Takamichi and started scanning it. As you can see from the cover, it’s basically happiness in book form. Full color, too! All we need is a translator. ;_;

4 Responses to “New Project / Recruitment”

  1. Jii-Jii says:

    Keep dreaming, you fool. If a translator appears, how about you just have him lighten my load?

  2. Translator says:

    did ya call me?

  3. Kaousan says:

    Hello! I am the editer of HIPPY – a Vietnamese translation manga group. 😀 Can I use your translations Yuru Yuru to translate these manga into Vietnamese. ^^

    • saru says:

      There’s not really anything we can do to stop you. You’d probably do better going straight from Japanese to Vietnamese, but that’s up to you.

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