Art by Hara Yui

So, I was browsing Amazon the other month and I found a 4koma about the cultural gap between cute girls. Unfortunately, Sayori from some scan group whose name I can’t be bothered to remember already had the raws and was just about to release the first chapter. Unfortunately, she cocked up the entire thing.

I pestered saru for about a week to scan this series for me, the poor guy. This release could actually take another week of quality control, but I’m honestly tired of working on it. First chapters tend to be like that, especially when you spend a good portion of your time trying to fit large lines of text into criminally thin dialogue bubbles. This sort of thing is common in gag manga, so you can only expect that some areas might be a little awkward to read. Hands tied, guys.

Any errors in editing are my fault, so just list anything serious you notice. A big thanks to Kasu to translating this chapter in a timely fashion. I’ve also included a page with a few notes to go along with this chapter instead of having them stick out between and around panels while you’re reading. I’m not going to explain humour to you, nor am I going to teach you what a kokeshi doll is. This would be on the level of me explaining what a matryoshka doll is to someone with an interest in Russia.

Anyway, enjoy yourselves. Don’t expect anything other than a DDL for a little while. I’m too lazy to function.

4 Responses to “Kiniro Mosaic 1”

  1. Reve says:

    thanks for another release ;o

  2. Andreas says:

    one loli a day keeps the big boobs away. thank you for the release, sir

  3. lup says:

    you’re a disgrace to manhood sir

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