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Some of you may have noticed that we’re using a new theme, and that a lot of things you might have liked have moved, changed or disappeared. The first theme was more or less a quick placeholder for a better theme. This time we decided to move a lot of things, remove a few features and add some new ones.

Saru and I (I just told him to make it.) have implemented a featured image system for all of our posts, and all download links are contained within that space. It’s hard to miss them, they’re large buttons. If, just in case, you do miss them, they overlay the bottom right-hand corner of the featured image.

The theme still needs a fair bit of work, and there will be some issues. Feel free to post a comment here regarding bugs, opinions, the tragic loss of mascots. (A feature we may bring back! Yes, we’ll all miss corner-chan.)

On a side note: This theme is HTML5 only. That being said, anti-aliasing for fonts is a nightmare. Chrome, Safari and Opera render the pixel font we use just fine. Firefox, Safari and Opera render the date and title fonts just fine. Firefox and IE both blur pixel fonts. Firefox 5.0.1 seems to mess up pixel fonts a little less, but never the less using hardware acceleration on this site might make a few fonts a little weird.

I’ll either end up replacing these fonts or boycotting every web browser ever.

10 Responses to “New Theme 2.0”

  1. ReimuHakurei says:

    But what about the selectable girls? D:

    • Kirino says:

      the tragic loss of mascots. (A feature we may bring back! Yes, we’ll all miss corner-chan.)

      It appears some of us need to return to elementary school and retake reading.

  2. Rue says:

    It’s so… sexy.
    /me Slaps Papi

  3. Kuro vi Lolitannia says:

    …No more lolis rubbing crotch on the corner of the page?


  4. saru says:

    Actually, the latest version of Chrome and Safari on the Mac both anti-alias the pixel font, at least under Lion. Opera appears to do some anti-aliasing too, but it still looks like a pixel font in it. Firefox in Windows 7 running in a virtual machine renders the pixel font beautifully; IE smooths the shit out of it, both 9 and 10 DP2.

  5. Andreas says:

    *stare intently at new Rotte pic*

    oh, well. it works too <3

  6. Leonard says:

    FYI, the new gray font is very hard to read for anyone who has any uncorrected vision problem.

    For example, I have something called “lazy eye” which means that one eye is barely functioning; so all reading is done by the other. Even though I have glasses correcting the minor flaws in the good eye, I can barely read your new, gray font. The reason is simple, according to my research. Any color or shade of type other than black has much less contrast with the background, and it’s the contrast that lets somebody recognize the letters.

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