Art by Ogawa Hidari

I herd u liek fat loli.

23 Responses to “Fatonic Love”

  1. Stever says:

    That’s called libel.

  2. Jenius says:

    What the fuck did I just read?!?!?!? Besides that, thanks for the release! It was a surprisingly enjoyable read 🙂

  3. y2kmisty2000 says:

    This was such a tease, I need more Fat loli X Skinny loli!!!

  4. dMITIC says:

    oh my, that was a charming story

  5. Kuro vi Lolitannia says:

    You forgot to put ‘L’ in it. I like FLAT not FAT

  6. Steve says:

    I wish there was more like this.

  7. Jii-jii says:

    Um, I can’t see any relevant posts, so… thank you for Rotte no Omocha.

  8. Kiiragi says:

    Gotta admit. That was slightly revolting.

  9. Kirin says:

    Will you be translating more stuff with fat/chubby characters?

  10. Leilu2k says:

    Hi! I came here from Dynasty Scans. I never knew manga like “Fatonic Love” even existed! Thank you soooo much for posting it!

  11. jabble_love says:

    awww get me to it… i want to read more if there more to it

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