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So this has been ready for a few days, but now I’m drunk enough to actually post this.

Have fun with this new chapter. (Even though we are like 2 chapters behind the other group. Our releases are still better quality-wise.)

Kind regards, Kaori.

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  1. Anonanon says:

    Nobody cares if your releases are better quality if it is just marginally better and a month later. See ya facepalm, hope you never pick up a series I like again!

  2. TheMoondoggie says:

    Sad to say Anonanon is right. You guys should just better drop this series and concentrate on one that you guys really care about enough to release.

    We are all switching to Loli Brigade. Thank you for all your hard work. You all did great, you guys just lost the motivation I guess.

  3. Anon says:

    Glad you guys are continuing as well. I for one prefer to use a same group’s scanlations for my mangas.

  4. destroyer says:

    can i blame many scanlator went quit after reading 2 comments above?
    can’t they show some respect and be graceful for what’s been done by scanlator who sacrifice their time, money, etc to make it available for them, when they can’t do it themselves, just sit, wait and read?
    even if the case that the same series is being scanlated by other group, can’t they just keep silent rather than making such comment?

    Mark my word, when a group discourage to scanlate a certain project. it’s the same as the whole project went down with it.

    if you disappoint for a certain something, you better shut up.
    because such comment will give more damage than you can think of.

    anyway, thanks for the release facepalm.
    i’ve been following this series from the very beginning and waiting from time to time for the release.
    keep up the good work.
    yes, you’re just slightly better than the other, but 10000001 is still more valuable than 10000000

    • pepperoni says:

      It’s a thankless volunteer work dude. Don’t expect others to share your vision. The two anons have a point, don’t be blinded by your misplace loyalty.

    • Guest says:

      > but 10000001 is still more valuable than 10000000

      Nope, it doesn’t work this way if time involved.

      Would you like to get 100$ right now or 101$ in 3 years?

  5. Anon says:

    You are talking about better quality, though srsly i only see that you used a bigger resolution than them…. But they bothered to do the sfx…
    And as i said about quality… Both are not perfect… And honestly as anonanon said, if it’s just slighty better, it’s no reason to brag…

  6. Rasparr says:

    There is another group doing Rotte? … Meh, I don’t care. I am patient. Never change horses in midstream. Go, Facepalm!

    • pepperoni says:

      Will you be patient enough if facepalm were to releases chapter 31 after months the other group had released them back this past November? Your patient because you have no other choice. Now you have a choice.

      • anon says:

        And to be honest, they claim that they have better quality, take months to release something and in the end I must admit that they do not delivered what they believe they did…. Tbh i liked the quality of that loli group more…. It seems like FP is missing the love for the series….

      • Rasparr says:

        Patience is not a question of having a choice or not. One alyways has the choice to just not read a manga. Or read something else in the meantime. Watch an anime (there are loads of good anime this year). The tantrum everyone is throwing right now is disgraceful, since everyone seems to forget that scanlation is work done for free in one’s free time. Ever tried to unbind and scan a tankoubon? To clean/redraw a chapter? To translate Japanese? To typeset? Probably not. It’s hard work. I know that, doing translations, edits and quality checks for a fansub group (which, I suppose, is easier than scanlating). Facepalm is doing this as a hobby, and so is the other group. I don’t see any reason for leechers to criticize the way someone does his/her hobby or how much time (s)he spends on it. Everyone has my utmost understanding for reading another groups releases because they are faster. But I can’t stand leechers complaining about speed. If one is dissatisfied and there is an alternative, (s)he should just leave silently. If there is none, (s)he should join the group in question and help out with whatever (s)he has to offer. Facepalm is doing a good job, each chapter being superior to many of the almost 500 officially translated tankoubon I own. That’s my opinion on this topic. I must beg your forgiveness for any grammer/spelling mistakes, since I’m from Germany.

  7. Anon says:

    I have been waiting for this. Thanks for the release guys.

  8. Anon says:

    I think it’s all about consistency. I really hope Facepalm Scans eventually does the early chapter as well so they’re all translated the same way.

  9. Madarame says:

    Thank you very much for your hard work. I very much appreciate this release.

  10. Marek says:

    Thanks for another lovely release!

  11. Killerpixel says:

    Well, first of all, I appreciate the hard works FPS did in the past, scanlating LnO from chapter 10 to 29 (including omakes). I really like this series, so i follow it, and you guys always did a good job.
    For the current release: bigger resolution does not automatically equal better quality. To me, a better quality means: more (or more acurate) translation, cleaner images (=less “noise” or whatever these dots are called), better (=easier to read) typeset a.s.o.
    Normally i don’t really care about resolution, because I only zoom in, if I have trouble to read some really small text (e.g. tl notes or so). Since lolibrigade did translate the SFXs, which you didn’t, i cosider their release the better quality.
    But again, that’s my opinion, and other’s may as well be different. I still will check your releases regularily (or, to be precise, I’ll check mangaupdates), since you may release something that LBS forgets. (omake or so)

    • Kaori says:

      I wasn’t going to comment on anyone claiming our release is not better quality-wise because I don’t really care, but I just want to clarify a few of the points you made.

      Firstly, I was not referring to the higher resolution, I wasn’t even aware of that.

      Regarding the SFX, facepalm has never done the SFX for Rotte, hence we won’t start doing so. It’s a matter of consistency (and less work 😛 ). Lolibrigade did typeset most of the SFX, but they also left out a few, which makes no sense in my opinion. I could also talk about the quality of their redraws for the SFX, but I do not want to criticise their work at this point. They did do a decent job, after all.

      Regarding your comment about the “noise” in the images: I’m guessing you mean the “halftones” which are an essential part of the artwork and therefor should not be changed or removed.

      I also consider our translation to be slightly better. I can say so because lolibrigade and facepalm had the same initial script from the same translator, however I edited several lines of dialog to sound better or be nicer to read, which they did not do. But I understand this is also a matter of own opinion.

      Feel free to read lolibrigades releases from now on, I really do not care. I’m not trying to convince or offend anyone with this comment, I just want to state my point of view. I do realize that my comment in the release post was unnecessary, but I’m not going to edit it out, since I still think it’s true.

      • Demo says:

        As the proofreader/TLC for Loli Brigade, I’m going to have to call bullshit on the “better TL” thing. I’ve been changing a significant amount in all of Rabite’s scripts, save one.

      • Anon says:

        I think it’s best if you continue like that, though I’ll admit I like consistency.

  12. Shurik1048 says:

    Thank you!

    But, one chapter per year – it’s very slowpokely.
    However, to create a russian translation of chapter 30 will now be used your translation, not brigadiers.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Waited a long time for this, thanks for the scanlation

  14. Katsu says:

    Lotte no Omocha last volume 9 complete..

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