We’re on a new server, chitose.pantyscissors.com. Hopefully nothing’s broken. Let us know if you find something wrong, though!

Ore no Imouto is now on hiatus because nobody loves me.

I- it’s not like we’re looking for a translator or anything. I… I just need some advice on what certain things mean, that’s all!

Art by saitoyu00

Some of you may have noticed that we’re using a new theme, and that a lot of things you might have liked have moved, changed or disappeared. The first theme was more or less a quick placeholder for a better theme. This time we decided to move a lot of things, remove a few features and add some new ones.

Saru and I (I just told him to make it.) have implemented a featured image system for all of our posts, and all download links are contained within that space. It’s hard to miss them, they’re large buttons. If, just in case, you do miss them, they overlay the bottom right-hand corner of the featured image.

The theme still needs a fair bit of work, and there will be some issues. Feel free to post a comment here regarding bugs, opinions, the tragic loss of mascots. (A feature we may bring back! Yes, we’ll all miss corner-chan.)

Art by Takamichi

Just got Yuru Yuru by Takamichi and started scanning it. As you can see from the cover, it’s basically happiness in book form. Full color, too! All we need is a translator. ;_;

Yes, those are swords being pulled from their wombs.

So, anyone want to have a go at translating this? 😀

Art by Masuda Kuniaki

I couldn’t wait any longer for this, so I just did it myself.

Edit: If you downloaded this and the last page is only half translated, download again. I’ve updated the zip file.

P.S. We haven’t picked this up as a regular project (though it may become more regular if Twincest keeps taking so long after raws appear to release). If someone from Twincest sees this, you’re more than welcome to use my PSDs (assuming you’re not already done/mostly done). Hell, you can just take the zip, slap your name on it and release, for all I care. I’m not doing it for the credit.


Hey! We created a staff page! N- not that I want you to look at it or anything!

…I- I just think it’s c-c-cute…

…Yes, we do know that Rotte no Omocha! is getting a TV anime. We’ve known for a long time. There’s no need to remind us.


Gelbooru is strongest.

The site layout has been updated to support Opera. It’s only been tested in Opera 10.63 though, so if it looks batshit insane in whatever version of Opera you’re using, then it must not be 10.63.

In other news, Opera is batshit insane. Not only is the UI wonky and retarded, it also renders pages like it’s on crack in a funhouse mirror room. Seriously, I encountered so much insanity in the process of fixing the layout to work in Opera. Oh and the WYSIWYG development tools are fucked up, too; they’re a nuisance to use in Opera.