I need to admit that, in this chapter, the 17th page was what finally taught me exactly what “HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGH” describes.

I think it’s too late for me to walk away without a fetish for girls with slit pupils.

Mercelida is disappointed at your manhood.

Edit by saru: Page 136 in this release is actually the last page from chapter 13, so if you’re archiving this stuff, put it with chapter 13, otherwise, don’t comment on how this chapter started and ended with the same page, because it didn’t.

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  2. Geese1 says:

    Thanks for the new chapter!

  3. Treyon says:

    Thanks a lot! im always waiting the releases!

  4. Ryuujin07 says:

    Ahh these Lotte releases always make my day 😀

  5. Menace says:

    Yum! Thanks for making my day special!

  6. Ryuujin07 says:

    Lol Naoya you’ve put yourself in one awkward and crazy situation by deciding to live in that world.

  7. Velvet says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

  8. noko says:

    DELICIOUS FUTA! this series gets better and better…

    • saru says:

      IKNORITE? Seriously, it’s like every few chapters it one-ups itself.

      EPIC WIN.

      • Velvet says:

        The chapter did give me a thought to ponder. If you met a woman with a dynamite body, then suddenly find out she’s a futa that is more “impressive” than you, how would you react? I’ll admit, I would be a tad conflicted.

  9. Smurf says:

    Wow, crazy. I just started reading this today and about an hour after I finished a new chapter was up. Thanks guy. I saw somewhere that there are over 30 chapters released in japan so I look forward to seeing more releases from you guys in the future!

  10. Sasura says:

    thanks guys ~
    Viva Rotte ~

  11. Trimutius says:

    Yeah… Some nudity is nice… But hermaphrodite with a big dick is a bit too much…

    And “I will feed on you”. It sounded like she promised a blowjob. (Probably she did)

    • Kirino says:

      Succubi feed by receiving semen from their partners. Orifice not specified.

      • Trimutius says:

        Yeah… not specified… But what they need to do to get pregnant than? She has a lot of men but got only 2 childs… And if she will use condoms she won’t recieve semen, thich she needs to stay healthy… So she gets semen but doesn’t get pregnant, and i doubt that it is about anal…

        But Maybe succubi have some other hole, who knows…

        • Kirino says:

          What makes you think succubi are easily impregnated? Perhaps their reproductive systems are such that impregnation is extremely rare.

          • Trimutius says:

            twice in 6 months then a bit too lucky… Or maybe Asuha and Rotte are twins? (Like some kind of special succubian pregnancy when succubus twin is born much later then first twin)

            • saru says:

              Rotte is of royal blood, so there’s no way she’s twins with Asuha.

              • Trimutius says:

                They may have just talked about Asuha not being born as Succubus. Like chance that a child of Succubi be a Succubus is low if i recall correctly. Maybe only a Succubi can be heirs, and maybe it has nothing to do with a actually blood. It is just what may be. Maybe I’m wrong. But why Rotte dad died soon after? Maybe they have just chosen dead person to be safe? Or maybe i’m just imagining things that aren’t there…

                • saru says:

                  You’re reading way too far into something that isn’t there.

                • Trimutius says:

                  Probably i’m reading way to far… But if this really happens to be true… Then I will have all rights to say that I said so… If not then i have a bit too ill imagination… =)

                • Rem says:

                  The manga has already explained everything people are arguing about in here.

                  1. Pregnancy takes six months. This meant that Asuha and Rotte were born within the same year, but aren’t twins.

                  2. To create an heir of pure blood, a succubus would have to mate with an incubus. Folklore behind succubi reproduction usually states that succubi cannot reproduce at all, so bare with this alteration if you’re into the occult.

                  3. Due to Asuha’s physical anatomy, we can safely assume that she isn’t a succubus. (She’s a little older than Rotte, after all.)

            • Jii-Jii says:

              Rotte and Asuha are not twins, we know as much. That said, there are species out there that can “store” semen they receive to use for a later time… if we’re going all fantasy biology, that would be the most reasonable explanation.

              • Trimutius says:

                Interesting… What I’m saying they maybe be not half sisters. But actually even have same father (Their child could be humanlike or Succubus with certain probability)
                But we will know everything sooner or later…
                Maybe there is nothing to it…

    • Rem says:

      Whoa, you jelly?

  12. Maverick says:

    Cue infamous scene from the “Crying Game” movie; *barf!*

  13. ratbunuts says:

    Great manga. I was reading this while working so time goes fast.

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