…at least not very much.

And it’s not full of nudity!

From the comments on this site, you’d think Rotte was some kind of borderline-porn OMG NIPPLES AND VULVA EVERYWHERE BRB FAPPING series! But it’s not!

Rotte’s artwork is over-the-top cute, and is fanservice-y enough to be considered “ecchi”, but every other aspect of the series (ignoring the whole “loli succubus” thing, which is really not that prominent, other than as a plot premise) is presented fairly innocently.

I think someone who wants to see it as perverted faptastic lolicon fodder has every reason to. But just because you see nudity where I see clothes, doesn’t mean there’s nudity.

In before “lol naked Asuha ass.” She’s just being a cute kid, you perverts.

*awaits comment shitstorm*

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Art by MATSUDA98

I finished another chapter of Honoka because she’s so cute… I guess it can’t be helped, so here you go.

I- it’s not like I made it for you especially, baka anonymous.

Art by MATSUDA98

[01:35:50] <!saru> i just realized every series facepalm does is loli

Disgusting. Repulsive pervs.

But isn’t Honoka so cuuuute?! I love her!

Ahem. Announcement. In the last couple pages of this chapter, I cried. Twice.

That said, here it is.

plan means keikaku

November 16, 2010 at 06:34

anon says:

Status update, please. When will the chapter 11 of Rotte no Omocha be out?

‘Sup. Rotte is in the middle of being typeset. It would have been finished and gone to QC today, but my computer’s hard drive died (“unrecoverable” bad blocks. 46 of them, to be precise. This is the second of two identical Seagate 500 GB drives. Both went bad within weeks of each other…). The drive has been on the way out for awhile now, so I ordered a replacement last week. UPS decided to ship it to New York instead of Oregon, and there’s no ETA. So I bought another new drive at the local Best Buy today. The dead drive has been recovering to the new drive all day, and there’s *checks* 2,048 bytes left as of now (4 blocks, for those counting). It’s been working on those 4 blocks since about 2 or 3 PM (it’s 10 PM now). Hopefully it will be finished by tomorrow morning, at which point I will finish typesetting, and if we can get a translator script check and QC done tomorrow, then release will be tomorrow. If it’s not finished by tomorrow morning, then fuck those blocks, and here’s hoping nothing important (if anything at all) was on them.

Delicious Imouto should be out tomorrow, too.

At some point we’ll have a sidebar that shows each chapter currently in-progress, and what stage it’s at.


So I’m reading Kimi ni Todoke 49, right, and on page 28 Kazehaya is all like, “How could I ever hate you?”, and then page 29 Sawako GETS UP AND GOES OVER TO HIS SIDE OF THE TABL-


I died.