Art by Hamada Yoshikadzu

Well look at that! A release in reasonable time since the  last one. Release for chapter 18 might take a while, it’s “only” 39 pages long.

But anyways, enjoy!

Scanning shall commence this weekend!

Wow, it’s been a while! Rotte hasn’t seen any releases in a LONG TIME, due to a lack of translation. And a lack of scans for the next book. And a complete lack of any management on my part. Oops.

Apparently 4chan decided Rotte needed some love, which resulted in some scanlation work (which I have not seen, but is presumably bad). More importantly, the renewed interest meant we got translators dropping into IRC offering help. So we have scripts (thanks, ^rabite and pierre)!

Then out of the blue, goblinat, a frequent visitor to the site, generously procured copies of the next volumes for us, which we should have within a couple of weeks!

Just wanted to let everyone know we’re not dead, and there are releases in the pipeline!