Art by Yokoi Masashi

Don’t you dare perv on my precious friends!

I- it’s not like we need your help or anything! I just think you should check out the recruitment page! That’s all!

Is there something wrong with me?

Art by Yokoi Masashi

Featuring tentacle rape, cameltoe, labia, “nii-shi-shii!”, shimapan, and of course, delicious thighs!

But you’ve already read it, so whatever. Now in hi-def!

plan means keikaku
Art by Yokoi Masashi

Delayed because editing during multiple heart attacks is a super fucking bitch.

Edit: Version two. Includes credits. *facepalm*

Art by Yokoi Masashi

Since you dimwits can’t seem to figure out how to download from an IRC bot to save your lives, Ore no Imouto is leaving Opposed. It’s the same people working on it now that were before, it’s just not going to be released as an Opposed project.


tl;dr: We’re doing Ore now. Opposed isn’t. Don’t bother them about it because they hate your retarded ass.