Art by Rotary Engine

I have discovered that editing porn is way more fun than normal manga. I see more porn in our future!

Please only download this if you are of legal age to view porn in your country.

Art by Hiromoto Hiroki

He who laughs last thinks the slowest.

Art by Kanzaki Hiro

Don’t hurt yourself on the first page of this chapter.

You’ve been warned.

Oh yeah, happy holidays, too!

Art by Hiromoto Hiroki

Myyyyyy bologna has a first name, it’s…uhhh…Billy? No, I think it was Fred. Wait, give me a minute…

Ore no Imouto is now on hiatus because nobody loves me.

I- it’s not like we’re looking for a translator or anything. I… I just need some advice on what certain things mean, that’s all!

Art by Kanzaki Hiro

We actually had this finished about a month ago, but we’re going to be a little inefficient for a while. Things will be slow, but we are working on our other series as well as this one.

Anyway, I decided to typeset this because is was only a few pages and the other staff were working on the first chapter of volume 4 right after chapter 22. Someone had to do it.