Art by Hiromoto Hiroki

Myyyyyy bologna has a first name, it’s…uhhh…Billy? No, I think it was Fred. Wait, give me a minute…

Took me long enough, right? I started on this back in May. Seven months isn’t too bad for a 60-page chapter, right? Right? Anybody? Well, it’s done. I’ve got a better pace now too. I completed everything I possibly could of the next part within a few days. I just need a couple of verifications and approval of all my changes from Nirpan (I edited almost every single line in every script he gave me).

So yeah, here it is. My goal is to finish the rest of this book before the end of the year, which is actually pretty likely if I can keep up my current pace. I already have the amazingly overpriced second book (screw you too, Kino), and I’ll be continuing onto it as soon as I’m done with this one.

Also, just to clear any confusion, this series is a collection of multiple short stories set in the same universe, not one continuous story. This file is labeled as chapter 1 simply for the sake of organization. Later stories are split into multiple parts though. This is probably why some people consider this to be a one-shot, and not part of the story, hence why you’ll see it labeled as “chapter 0” elsewhere. Since it’s still part of the collection though, I’m counting it as chapter 1 of this book. I’ll just restart the chapter numbering with the next book since it really doesn’t matter.

EDIT: Scorp’s an idiot, gonna release it again in a bit with fixes. – Kirino

EDIT 2: Only two typos in all of that? Sounds like a win to me! – Scorp

17 Responses to “Marriage Partner: Yuuichi × Manami”

  1. anon says:

    This chapter number is 0. Pls keep Village Idiot chapter count. Real series start from chapter 1 with diffirent characters but in same world.

    • Kirino says:

      Why the hell would we follow Village Idiot? I mean, just look at their name.

    • Scorpian says:

      There is no chapter 1. The next “chapter” is Jun × Mai 1, which led VI to believe that this is chapter 0, but it’s not. The first “chapter” of volume 2 is Jun × Mai 5. Halfway through the book, that arc ends, and it starts over again with part 1 of someone else × someone else (I don’t know the names).

  2. anon says:

    You will confuse readers if you keep ur chapter order. Name of group doesn’t matter as long as they do good translation of manga. Anyway other websites labeled ur release correctly as “0” (even batoto,mangashare).

    • saru says:

      If other web sites numbered them “correctly”, then what are you complaining about?

    • Scorpian says:

      “Correct” is subjective here. Because of the way this series is organized, traditional chapter numbering doesn’t work. That’s why I’m numbering by book instead of overall.

  3. superkar says:

    to anon above stop your whining and read the chapter

  4. alfa says:

    Thanks for the release! Keep at it

  5. Geese1 says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

  6. DownsideUp says:

    To all those who’d say “VI already did this. Why bother?!” the answer is simple: this version is so much better.

    Thanks for the hard work.

  7. Zeronic says:

    One of my new favorite mangas from one of my favorite groups. 🙂 WOOOT

    • saru says:

      Yaay! We have fans! \o/

      • Sasura says:

        of course you have. just from your previous site design, and in addition to that did you see the series you’re doing ? é.è
        anyway ~ Personnaly, I just hope Mangaupdate will count it like VI did (I’m too lazy to check myself for new chapters since I read so much of them).
        And Thanks !(late, yea, I know)

        • Scorpian says:

          The next chapter will be listed as “Jun × Mai 1” on MU. I’ll increment it from there until that story ends (past where VI left off).

  8. jhood says:

    Thanks for translating this series, I prefer your translation by a significant margin. Feels smoother and more fitting (probably because its more accurate?)

    • Scorpian says:

      The difference is that this one is heavily localized. I put a lot of effort into making it read as naturally as possible. It still has its kinks, but the effort is there, none-the-less. I also follow actual comic book lettering traditions, as opposed to the made-up standards that most scanlators use, so that helped a bit.

  9. mako says:

    There are significant misreadings in VI’s version, assuming the first chapter is representative of their overall quality. The errors don’t really affect the plot though, funny how that works.

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