I updated the downloads in the Projects page for Anjou. It’s current with all that we’ve done thus far.

Art by Hamada Yoshikadzu

Well one gift.  Took way longer that it should due missing lines in translation, thanks to puddingmaster Vexed for figuring out those 3 blocked lines in page 50.

Happy holidays!

Art by Hamada Yoshikadzu

Has it really been 103 days since last update? Oh well here’s another one again, hopefully our newest crew member burnout right away. Since monorus works fast at amazing quality.

So, that concludes volume 3. Hopefully I can start pumping out volume 4 chapters at faster pace now, seriously.

Art by Haga Yui

OMG what is this?

Scanning shall commence this weekend!

Wow, it’s been a while! Rotte hasn’t seen any releases in a LONG TIME, due to a lack of translation. And a lack of scans for the next book. And a complete lack of any management on my part. Oops.

Apparently 4chan decided Rotte needed some love, which resulted in some scanlation work (which I have not seen, but is presumably bad). More importantly, the renewed interest meant we got translators dropping into IRC offering help. So we have scripts (thanks, ^rabite and pierre)!

Then out of the blue, goblinat, a frequent visitor to the site, generously procured copies of the next volumes for us, which we should have within a couple of weeks!

Just wanted to let everyone know we’re not dead, and there are releases in the pipeline!

Shí èr diǎn bàn.

Sè guǐ.


We have no idea what the hell we’re doing.


Edit by Kaori: Fixed missing download link.

Art by Hara Yui

No staff is interested in continuing this project, so effective immediately, it is dropped.

If we get staff interested in working on it, well, we’ll pick it back up again, I guess?

Ore no Imouto was licensed by Dark Horse, so it has been removed from our projects list and dropped effective immediately. You should highly consider preordering it! N- not like I want you to or anything!

EDIT: I’ve just been informed that Marriage Partner was dropped as well. Links will stay up for that though.