Art by Yokoi Masashi

Delayed because editing during multiple heart attacks is a super fucking bitch.

Edit: Version two. Includes credits. *facepalm*


So I was looking through the photos on my iPhone, and came across this. No idea what manga it was, or where I saw it, nor do I remember reading it, but I lol’ed:

You know you lol’ed.

Art by Haga Yui

[00:03:45] <!saru> omg this is the series with the cow-tits meido who bottles her own milk, right?
[00:04:38] <@Kirino> yes
[00:04:48] <!saru> fuckyear, i’d forgotten how much win this series was

You fat nerds and your gross cow-tits meidos! I hope you enjoy this non-imouto loli-fest you gross bastards!

OMG okay so I finally got around to reading Kimi ni Todoke chapter 47 and 48, right? I was totally starting to rage toward the end of 47, but then three pages to the end, Sawako and Kazehaya are walking home from cram school, and she decides to try holding his hand, and reached over, [next page], and a bit closer, [next page], and a bit closer… CHAPTER END! Anyways, by a couple of pages into the next chapter, I could simultaneously piss my pants squeeing in excitement, and die from sudden heart failure because my heart is pumping GALLONS PER MINUTE. THE TENSION. Her hand creeps closer, [next page], and closer, [next page], and closer, [next page], and it actually went on for like EIGHT FUCKING PAGES, and then their hands touched!!!!!!1 …And she got startled and pulled her hand away. FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUCKKK!! But then Kazehaya totally saved the day (and Sawako’s precious little heart, and mine too!) and grabbed her hand and they went walking home hand-in-hand and I was like : D, but then SAWAKO’S MOM SAW THEM. OMG I CAN’T READ THIS FAST ENOUGH. Anyways, the entire rest of the chapter was : DDDDDDD. And that is how, every time, Kimi ni Todoke turns me into a little girl. I cried tears of joy over chapter 48.

tl;dr: Whoever it is over at Mango Scans that typesets Kimi ni Todoke needs to stop using shitty, unreadable fonts, and use some common sense when mixing different fonts together, because the ones they chose totally clash. On top of being terrible choices for typesetting a comic.

What did you do today?

Art by Yokoi Masashi

Since you dimwits can’t seem to figure out how to download from an IRC bot to save your lives, Ore no Imouto is leaving Opposed. It’s the same people working on it now that were before, it’s just not going to be released as an Opposed project.


tl;dr: We’re doing Ore now. Opposed isn’t. Don’t bother them about it because they hate your retarded ass.


‘Sup. We’re doing Lotte no Omocha (MangaUpdates) and Ore no Delicious Imouto (MangaUpdates – we’re taking it over from Opposed).

That is all.