Art by Hamada Yoshikadzu

Double release from Facepalm Scans. Only 4 months since last release… Oops.

When somebody said 15 needs “some redraws” last time, I’d say that was an understatement.

So, enjoy. About volume numbering, this is first chapter of vol4 while last chapter of vol3 is 18. Silly isn’t it?

There’s some weird bits in original art, which we choose not to fix. Find the rest 😉

Art by Haga Yui
Color by Barry

Hey Rotte-fans,

I know we’re late for Halloween, but here’s a special treat for you anyway: a new chapter! \o/

I was hoping we wouldn’t take another 3 months for this, and we actually (just barely) made it! (Gotta think positive! :P)


Special thanks and credits for the featured image go to Barry who sent us an inspiring and highly motivational email. *deeply-moved*

Enjoy the chapter! 😀