Art by MATSUDA98

Honoka! (ノ´∀`)ノ

Art by Masuda Kuniaki

I couldn’t wait any longer for this, so I just did it myself.

Edit: If you downloaded this and the last page is only half translated, download again. I’ve updated the zip file.

P.S. We haven’t picked this up as a regular project (though it may become more regular if Twincest keeps taking so long after raws appear to release). If someone from Twincest sees this, you’re more than welcome to use my PSDs (assuming you’re not already done/mostly done). Hell, you can just take the zip, slap your name on it and release, for all I care. I’m not doing it for the credit.


Hey! We created a staff page! N- not that I want you to look at it or anything!

…I- I just think it’s c-c-cute…

…Yes, we do know that Rotte no Omocha! is getting a TV anime. We’ve known for a long time. There’s no need to remind us.

These are my favorite shoes. They are old, dirty and beat up, but I STILL LOVE THEM. I just thought you might like to know that.


Rotte gets groped. That is all.

Edit: Oh yeah, Naoya too lol. Also, volume batch release coming as soon as chapters 8/9 are finished getting re-typeset.