Art by Hamada Yoshikadzu

You know what’s awesome about Tsugumomo? The mangaka has this personal goal of drawing every female character naked. I feel this aligns quite nicely with our sentiments. Also, Chika’ishi is completely adorable in this chapter. In addition to completely naked. That is all.

Oh, except that there’s more to come!

Art by Kanzaki Hiro

Okay, this time we’re realeasing the chapter for realz. Now 99,99% less mustache!

I know many of you enjoyed our special April Fool’s Joke, but we at Facepalmscans like to do stuff properly, so here’s the legit release.

Would’ve released it earlier, but this thing called “real life” somehow got in the way.

Enjoy the new chapter!

Edit: Updated with some more QC fixes.

Art by Kanzaki Hiro


It’s me, Kaori, and I proudly present to you the newest Facepalmscans release.

I can really feel my editing skills getting better and better. I’m sure you won’t even notice that this release was edited in any way, that’s how seamless my redraws have become. 😉

Enjoy this awesome release! 😀