T- this isn’t a Christmas gift or anything! I just happened to have it ready! Baka.

You know, recently I realised that Naoya makes me look bad in comparison. At the same age as me, he’s “known” Mercelida, produced Asuha, raised to be an adorable, emotionally balanced girl, and is becoming surrogate father of Rotte. What have I done with my life thus far?

The site layout has been updated to support Opera. It’s only been tested in Opera 10.63 though, so if it looks batshit insane in whatever version of Opera you’re using, then it must not be 10.63.

In other news, Opera is batshit insane. Not only is the UI wonky and retarded, it also renders pages like it’s on crack in a funhouse mirror room. Seriously, I encountered so much insanity in the process of fixing the layout to work in Opera. Oh and the WYSIWYG development tools are fucked up, too; they’re a nuisance to use in Opera.