First off, I’ve included a link to a batch download with every page in the book for v1. If you already have everything, don’t feel obligated to download it. The only difference with the batch is that it has a rescan of the dust cover. I also remembered to scan the book cover this time (I rescanned c1 shortly after starting it, but forgot to scan the cover again before deleting my original copy). If you need just those, here are direct links: Dust cover 2.0 | Book cover

As for Jun × Mai 5, I have one quick note: I’m restarting the chapter numbering, just like I said I would. This may be confusing now, but by the end of the book, it will all make perfect sense.

Oh yeah, and volume 3 was just released yesterday. It has yet another new set of characters on it. This confused me a bit since I thought the Nobuyuki × Miyuki arc (the next set of characters after Jun and Mai) would last for at least nine chapters, which is more than enough to fill a second book. O.o

Art by Hiromoto Hiroki

Chapter numbering will now restart. Additionally, the first chapter of v2 will be out at some point between next week and the next seven years. Or tomorrow. I’m not exactly sure which.

Art by Hiromoto Hiroki

I’ve got a fistful of money, I’m down with the twist
There’s plenty of ways, no way to resist
Every little thing is gonna be fine
What I like is gonna be mine
Got a fistful of money, I’m high at risk
There’s plenty of ways, I couldn’t resist
Six billion souls, and one urge to live
I’ve got a fistful of money, and nothing to give

Lyrics: KMFDM – That’s All

Art by Hiromoto Hiroki

I’m not convinced you understand
for all the insight in your hands
I’m not convinced you comprehend
the consequence — we are

To boldly reach without support
a premise built on nothing more
than what you’ve seen and then believe is real…
that God is not contained.

Lyrics: The Crüxshadows – Strange Skies

(also, big ups to monkey for redrawing those feet for me ^_^)

Art by Hiromoto Hiroki

Nihilistic mystics, apostolic alcoholics
Messianic manics, cataclysmic and prolific

In the age of super-boredom, hype and mediocrity
Celebrate relentlessness, menace to society