First off, I’ve included a link to a batch download with every page in the book for v1. If you already have everything, don’t feel obligated to download it. The only difference with the batch is that it has a rescan of the dust cover. I also remembered to scan the book cover this time (I rescanned c1 shortly after starting it, but forgot to scan the cover again before deleting my original copy). If you need just those, here are direct links: Dust cover 2.0 | Book cover

As for Jun × Mai 5, I have one quick note: I’m restarting the chapter numbering, just like I said I would. This may be confusing now, but by the end of the book, it will all make perfect sense.

Oh yeah, and volume 3 was just released yesterday. It has yet another new set of characters on it. This confused me a bit since I thought the Nobuyuki × Miyuki arc (the next set of characters after Jun and Mai) would last for at least nine chapters, which is more than enough to fill a second book. O.o

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  1. Cleotis says:

    Thanks for the new chapter of this enjoyable manga. Thanks also for the V1 batch release, as this gives me a good excuse to re-read the whole things again.

  2. Geese1 says:

    Thanks for both the new chapter and the batch release!

  3. dashdash1 says:


  4. dMITIC says:

    7 years without a fuck? damn that hurts

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