Art by Takamichi

Here’s chapter 1 of a full-colour book by my all-time favorite illustrator, Takamichi. It’s really cute. And it’s colour.

P.S. Don’t read it all in one sitting.

Edit: If you downloaded this within about twenty minutes of it being posted, there’s a correction to the notes page. You can get just that page here.

Art by Haga Yui

Have. Some. Loli.

[My word! First release post.]

Have. FUN. … *Calms down*

[First post ever? Indeed so, chap! I came for a loli wannabe game developer, got stuck with a loli in a world where everyone is either flat or quite well endowed. Enjoy this, ’cause we worked hardon it. Lol, Hard on- I mean bye.]

M I K U R U (丿`▽)丿━━━━* B E A M U

Art by Hara Yui

So, I was browsing Amazon the other month and I found a 4koma about the cultural gap between cute girls. Unfortunately, Sayori from some scan group whose name I can’t be bothered to remember already had the raws and was just about to release the first chapter. Unfortunately, she cocked up the entire thing.