Art by Takamichi

Here’s chapter 1 of a full-colour book by my all-time favorite illustrator, Takamichi. It’s really cute. And it’s colour.

P.S. Don’t read it all in one sitting.

Edit: If you downloaded this within about twenty minutes of it being posted, there’s a correction to the notes page. You can get just that page here.

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  1. Andreas says:

    thats it, after looking the chapter im looking up on the artwork now. currently downloading….

    thanks for the release

    • saru says:

      Buy one of his books, if you can! This one’s out of print, but his art books should still be available.

      • Andreas says:

        do you know any recent art book release does he has?

        done some search and its called “Love work” art book, i like it better than the other one i downloaded.

        awesomesauce stuff usually got in my buy list

        • saru says:

          Love Works is his most current publication, but there’s a new release due out on August 19th called Summer Works. There’s both a comic book and a BluRay release of that, but I don’t think it’s a video (if it is, HOLY SHIT) (Edit: I can confirm it’s a slide show with drama CD-style story done by a cast of voice actors). You can read more about it here, if you can read moon.

          He also did art for Stardust Squadron, a book called Rito no Umi and work on a ton of other projects, including the cover for every issue of Comic LO (fair warning before you search: Comic LO is a loli H manga magazine).

          There’s older art books, like Takamichi Gashuu… and Takamichi Art Works, but they’re out of print too, and at least one of his older books has actual porn in it, so good luck importing a copy of it anyways (—_—).

          Edit 2011-08-02: Just did some digging, and so far as I can tell, none of his art books contains any actual porn.

          • Rem says:

            Me and saru speculated that Yuruyuru was a side project between his other work. This is why it doesn’t share the detail of his usual artwork.

            His other books are quite something.

            • saru says:

              Love Works is beautiful! I don’t really expect the same level of quality from a comic book, and especially not from a full-colour one at that. I know if it was me, I’d not spend as much effort on every page of a 200-page book with multiple sketches per page, as I would a single illustration.

              That being said, Yuruyuru still looks stellar.

          • Andreas says:

            i just thinking that his most recent arts are more beautiful than the gashu (movic) one.

            he made a lot of cover art for Comic LO (Lolita Only) honestly ive never saw the content, but i think “Love Works” is safe from any pron content. only little girls that maybe strictly prohibited in some country. maybe i can get it through some friends in Japan

            i dont care much for the loli, Takamichi’s paint are quite unique. tried to compare gashu and love work, i see that in love work the layers on the paint increased and looks smoother.

            Change H “Girls Sanctuary” by Takamichi is also interesting by the reverse trap XD

  2. Master7Zero says:

    man it seems like forever since we had a release of this..

  3. Master7Zero says:

    didnt mean like your slow at releasing it, just meant by slow by them releasing it.

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