Art by Hiromoto Hiroki

Chapter numbering will now restart. Additionally, the first chapter of v2 will be out at some point between next week and the next seven years. Or tomorrow. I’m not exactly sure which.

5 Responses to “Marriage Partner: v1 Extra”

  1. zergl says:

    Yay, I had wanted to see more of those two, although sadly it appears that’s it for them. Thanks for your work on this.

    • Scorpian says:

      As far as I can tell, they’re out for good. The original chapter had a bit of an open-ish ending, but this extra seems to have tied it up pretty well.

      • SD-DAken says:

        Well, the ending of this extra is still kinda open-ish (although not as much as the end of chapter 1), i.e. an additional chapter with them would be possible without seeming forced.


        Thanks for the release! 🙂

  2. Geese1 says:

    Thanks for the new release!

  3. Mae says:

    Thanks for the release guys.
    I started reading this series on a whim, and I like it more than I thought I would.

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