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Since you dimwits can’t seem to figure out how to download from an IRC bot to save your lives, Ore no Imouto is leaving Opposed. It’s the same people working on it now that were before, it’s just not going to be released as an Opposed project.


tl;dr: We’re doing Ore now. Opposed isn’t. Don’t bother them about it because they hate your retarded ass.

42 Responses to “Ore no Imouto 9”

  1. Mindflayer says:

    Chapter 11 where???

  2. thomas says:

    I think the whole scene was better when everything was only done by irc, or you had to know a guy with an ftp server.

  3. Pedophile says:

    Way to give in to the retards bro.

  4. Xical says:

    Let me be the first to welcome you to the life, Facepalm Scans.
    And yeah I know oppsd hate us all to hell, but at least I was able to leech from them on irc, lol.
    Hope to hear more thing from you soon.

  5. random says:

    Now, now, what? I know how to DL from a bot but not a site. HELP!

  6. Kirino says:


  7. babel says:

    I’m glad it’s off the bots, because last time I went to the Opposed channel, I got the chapter off the bots, said thanks, and got kickbanned. That’s the trouble with IRC – it’s full of faggots.

    • saru says:

      They’re not faggots, they just don’t like the fanbase. It’s pretty simple, really.

      • babel says:

        So they host the chapter but kickban anyone who gets it off the bots…. and yet they’re not faggots?….riiiight…

        • Kirino says:

          For clarification, the only kickban function was for people who said “ore”. Alternately, if you used mibbit or had a guest nickname, you were banned right off the bat.

          • babel says:

            Well that explains it – I said ‘thanks for the ore chapter’ – so they’d know what I was thanking them for…

            @saru – not complaining about the scan – complaining about the retarded behavior in the channel.

            Just another IRC story I suppose

        • dosetsu says:

          I like how you think you’re 100% correct, yet are so far from being right, babel.

        • saru says:

          You’re the one getting the results of many man-hours of labor for free, and you’re complaining?

  8. Ammy says:

    lol, thx for your hard work anyway. kinda reminds me of pearls before swine 😛

  9. KrimzonStriker says:

    Sweet, thanks so much guys, me being one of the IRC illiterate that is. Sorry for the extra work on your part but want to let you know how much we appreciate it nonetheless!

  10. hansm says:

    chapter 18 is also translated, but from a different guy. will you skip it or re-edit it because its done with mag-scans?

    and FYI: i downloaded ch9 from opposed-irc and in their eyes i wasn’t even worthy of kickbanning thats how much they hate me. so babel, at least you weren’t completely ignored like me. man they gotta HATE me 😀

    • saru says:

      First off, if you downloaded in #opposed, didn’t say anything, and then just left, then they love you because you don’t suck.

      I have no solid plans for Ore beyond volume 2. It really depends on how much time I have, and how many other projects I’m involved in.

  11. The Moondogg says:

    Opposed just doesn’t like Oreimo. Plain as that….
    In anycase I do hope you continue with this series. It’s not sure if you guys will continue this right?

    Kirino still banned me before I said ore. Damn old hag….

  12. EGN says:

    Hehe, I had no problem with the IRC once I was on it, but it took me a while to get a client working >_> (was on windows, and I only ever use IRC on linux, irssi and all that. much more straightforward :P)

    Granted, the kickban caught me out, but I was straight back into the channel when it expired wondering what the hell happened, and ended up having a short discussion about it. Now I can’t remember if I left the channel properly or just closed the window… oh well.

    So, you made a second website just to show how pissed off you were at people’s confounding inability to copy and paste a line from the other one into an IRC channel? Dedication, holmes. Though perhaps well placed…


    • saru says:

      To clarify, Opposed didn’t like the fanbase Ore brought along, and the thought of Rotte fans compounding that problem really wasn’t making anyone happier. So a new group was formed to release these (and future) series under. Facepalm ≠ Opposed – it’s different people (with the exception of myself).

      • EGN says:

        “It’s the same people working on it now that were before, it’s just not going to be released as an Opposed project.”
        apparently confused me :/

        soo… opposed are still doing it, but facepalm are releasing it, ghost-writer style?

        • Kirino says:

          Who cares who’s doing it? It’ll be released under Facepalm, on this blog, right here. That’s all you need to know.

        • saru says:

          Opposed isn’t really a “scan group” in the conventional sense. It’s more like a bunch of people working on their own projects independently, and we hang out in #opposed. If one person’s project is bothering the rest of the group though, then the choices are: take it elsewhere, or go away.

          I happen to like Opposed, so I took the project elsewhere. Ore was my project (as in, no other Opposed members were working on it), and I’m still working on it here, hence “the same people working on it now”. I used the plural “people” because there are others contributing to each release, but they’re not technically members of Opposed.

          Hopefully that makes sense?

  13. blonkz says:

    I never felt more awkward for wanting to express my gratitude.
    Nonetheless: Thanks!

  14. FUCKING LOVE says:



  15. Ner0 says:

    Very interesting post, I really like it, especially the part where you call us retards, true… very true… and inspiring, very inspiring =D
    PS: Thanks for continuing this series!

  16. lunamoth says:

    I have absolutely no reason to get on IRC except OCCASIONALLY to download a manga. To me it seems like a poor use of my time to learn a whole, new, complicated Internet protocol (and how to use it) just to do that–particularly since the majority of manga I want to read seem to be available on www sites of scanlators.

    Pardon me if I don’t feel retarded for making that decision.

    But thanks from this supposed retard for all the nice manga!

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