We’re on a new server, chitose.pantyscissors.com. Hopefully nothing’s broken. Let us know if you find something wrong, though!

11 Responses to “New Server”

  1. Mizuki says:

    Sry, I’ve a problem with the adress. I can’t load the server. What should I do? I hope you can help me,
    greatings from Mizuki

  2. Rasparr says:

    Panty Scissors… Asuha could NEVER do that… Urabe should teach her a thing or two regarding panties.

  3. biggbran77 says:

    I was curious if you guys were still doing the series ‘Suddenly, the Marriage Partner Showed Up’ or if it was dropped.

  4. Mizuki says:

    Hey guys, could you please make a statusbar for the current chapters? It would be very nice^^ Looking forward to it 😉 Greatings

  5. Mizuki says:

    Sry for this stupid question but are you and this page still alive?

    • saru says:

      Yes. The problem is that most of the staff are really busy with school. That and I’m going through some fairly serious depression which means near-negative amounts of motivation.

      • s0lid says:

        Me being the odd one who is busy with work and everything else.
        Also started new scanlation sideproject as tsugumomo is being an arse to redraw like always.

  6. Jii-jii says:

    Surprise of all surprises! And here I thought that Inuki had stopped translating Rotte.

    Load off my mind.

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