Art by MATSUDA98

Something something been released before something something leveling something quality sucks something.

8 Responses to “Honoka Lv. Up! 5”

  1. anon says:

    Thanks for the release ^_^

  2. x4gottenx says:

    omg, never thought i’d be seeing this cute manga again, tyvm ^ㅂ^

  3. Pesse says:

    Thanks for the release guys…

  4. watsap says:

    Yay, two releases on the same day! Thanks!

  5. warun says:

    Oh dang it, I only just now got what Cubix refers to.

    Thanks for the release! Glad to see this around again.

  6. L says:

    Yay! I thought it was dropped!

  7. Phred says:

    Now this… is a thing I’d never thought would occur 😀

    Seriously, a job well done!!

  8. Illanyss says:

    Aaaaaaand I found about this manga yesterday but it seems there haven’t been new chapters available for over 2 years… =/
    I was looking forward to read more as this manga is very interesting.
    Is Facepalm going to pick this up again?

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