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4 Responses to “GIT DEM RINGS”

  1. Etshy says:

    Just saw the message on your last chapter of yancha gal (thanks for scanlate this) but I can’t agree with you.

    Saying it costs nothing is totally wrong, I’m a cleaner myself, I make really good cleans, but for that I have to import the manga to scan it myself.

    I don’t ask any donations but it’s wrong to say it costs nothing.

    • ReimuHakurei says:

      We didn’t say it costs nothing, we said it costs VIRTUALLY nothing. For Anjou, it cost $13 for us to import this book from Japan with express shipping.

  2. Giovani M says:

    Hey guys, thanks for the chapter! rly enjoying this manga!
    You guys should make a discord, it’s easier to interact with the community, also, at least for me, seems better for releases since you can just @everyone.

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