Art by MATSUDA98

Final chapter of Volume 1, finally!

Download link here is 600dpi, vs 300dpi for MangaDex, because why not.

Volume 2 should follow Soon(TM).

Art by Nadaka Harutsugu

This has been out a few days, but here’s a post for it.

This is marked v0, because this release will be replaced when we get the color pages scanned.



I updated the downloads in the Projects page for Anjou. It’s current with all that we’ve done thus far.

Art by sanic hegehog


Art by Morton Salt © 1914-2019

TL dropped 39 prior to 38, so we figured… eh why not?

Art by Katou Yuuichi

TL did 37 prior to this, so all the work on 37 completed prior to this. Here ya go!

Art by Katou Yuuichi

We’re picking up this series.

Don’t know why prior releases are leaving out art pages and short skits between chapters, but we’re doing those, too.

So we got this chapter done in 3 days, from scan to release — though it would have been less if we weren’t all so lazy. We all work full-time though, so at least there’s some excuse.

It seems to have become a trend lately for scan groups to beg for money (and yet still rely on volunteer work.) Remember, kids: scanlation groups begging for donations are taking advantage of you! Scanlation is practically free. This book cost me $13, including express shipping from Japan to the US. Scanlation costs virtually nothing to do, and doing it for a profit is wrong. (Doing it for beer, however, is totally fine. Beer donation page coming soon!)

Chapter 38 is about half done, and should be out in the coming days. Chapter 36.5 is done except for some weird issues with insanely fine tones on the between-chapter pages. That’ll be out shortly.

We also have a couple of new series in the works, so look forward to that!

Finally, our original 1600dpi PSDs (with Japanese text removed) are available upon request for any group wanting to use our raws for their own release. Please contact to request a copy.



Art by MATSUDA98

This has actually been sitting here almost-done for almost 2 full years… 2017-05-27 is the timestamp on the PSD files.

Then monkey decided to try to make the pages look better (which really is a lost cause, due to how poor quality the printing is for this series)… and then didn’t do that until almost 2 years later, tonight!

Volume 1 has 8 chapters total, so there’s only one chapter left in this volume. I promise this time it’ll be out THIS YEAR!