Art by Hamada Yoshikadzu

Well one gift.  Took way longer that it should due missing lines in translation, thanks to puddingmaster Vexed for figuring out those 3 blocked lines in page 50.

Happy holidays!

Art by Yui Haga

So this has been ready for a few days, but now I’m drunk enough to actually post this.

Have fun with this new chapter. (Even though we are like 2 chapters behind the other group. Our releases are still better quality-wise.)

Kind regards, Kaori.

Art by Hamada Yoshikadzu

Has it really been 103 days since last update? Oh well here’s another one again, hopefully our newest crew member burnout right away. Since monorus works fast at amazing quality.

So, that concludes volume 3. Hopefully I can start pumping out volume 4 chapters at faster pace now, seriously.


This is why we can’t have nice things.

Art by Haga Yui

OMG what is this?

Art by Hamada Yoshikadzu

Well look at that! A release in reasonable time since the  last one. Release for chapter 18 might take a while, it’s “only” 39 pages long.

But anyways, enjoy!

Scanning shall commence this weekend!

Wow, it’s been a while! Rotte hasn’t seen any releases in a LONG TIME, due to a lack of translation. And a lack of scans for the next book. And a complete lack of any management on my part. Oops.

Apparently 4chan decided Rotte needed some love, which resulted in some scanlation work (which I have not seen, but is presumably bad). More importantly, the renewed interest meant we got translators dropping into IRC offering help. So we have scripts (thanks, ^rabite and pierre)!

Then out of the blue, goblinat, a frequent visitor to the site, generously procured copies of the next volumes for us, which we should have within a couple of weeks!

Just wanted to let everyone know we’re not dead, and there are releases in the pipeline!

Art by Hamada Yoshikadzu

Well… Here we are again… After a while. Took me long enough to get this done, only half a year between when I last time opened .PSD’s of these pages until 2 weeks ago.

Yet again, tricky redraws here and there. Kaori sure did awesome work with the big and scary ones. Chapter 17 is already typeset and Kaori is doing redraws for it.

Now then I suppose you’d like to hear something about Rotte? Now we got whole 3 translators for Rotte in our roster. Chapter 30 will get done soon as we our hands to Vol.5 book, yes we like to work on our self scanned raws.

I’ll try to pick up the pace for Tsugumomo this time, chapter 16 was bothering me for long time because it was not done and released. But here you have it, enjoy.

And yes the volume numbering is correct as mentioned in release post of chapter 15.

Art by Haga Yui

Oh look, a release.

It’s cute. Please enjoy.

In today’s news, apostrophes are annoying.